If you are unable to find answers from the frequently asked questions below, please feel free to contact our support at Contact Us.
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If you are unable to find answers from the frequently asked questions below, please feel free to contact our support at Contact Us.
Posts Explained
How much is it to post in my city?
Each city's pricing differs. At the very top of every city page, you will see Post Pricing. Click this button, and the standard post price for your city will be listed.
Or click Here to view our post pricing page where you can select the city of your choice.
How do I change my photos?
Log into your account, and click edit next to your premium ad. Click on the photo you would like to change. Click on the red Remove button. You will then be able to upload a new photo. At the bottom of your ad, be sure to click continue. This will take you to a preview of your ad. make sure everything is correct. Click continue again, and your changes will be saved.
Why can I only use available now for 24 hours?
Daily posts are purchased for a 24 hour period. A post is only active for 24 hours and has access to the available now for that period of time. Daily posts only show in the posting section after the premium ads and can be moved to the top only when you set the available now.
Auto repost. What is it?
An auto repost is a post that has been set to automatically return to the top of your category in your city. As your post moves down each time another ad is posted, this greatly helps increase your traffic and views.
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Premium Ads Explained
How much does it cost for a Premium ad?
Each city's pricing differs. At the very top of every city page, you will see Advertising. Click this button, and the standard premium price for your city will be listed.
Or click Here to view our post pricing page where you can select the city of your choice.
Where does my premium ad appear?
Each city's appearance is different. To see where your ad will appear, go to www.cityvibe.com, type your city in search for a city. Simply click on the name of your city. Your premium post will show towards the top of the page in our dedicated premium post section.
What is not allowed in my ad?
Cityvibe does not allow any explicit text (please use your best judgment). We also do not allow explicit photos (no genitalia). On your thumbnail, we do not allow any bare breasts, or butts, as this appears on many places on the site.
How do I set a free visiting listing and where am I allowed to place it?
You can set a free visiting listing through your account. Next to your ad, you will see a drop down box that says more (this is right next to your edit/delete options). Click the drop down box, then select Visiting ad. Under visiting city, select the city you will be touring. Choose the date you will be there under start date, and the day you will be leaving under end date.
You can set a free visiting listing in any Premium city *Some Restrictions do Apply*
How do I create a premium post?
To create a premium post, simply select to create a post. Once you have filled in your post information, at the bottom there will be the option to upgrade your post to premium. Select this and click continue.
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Creating A Post & Premium Post
1. Title
This would be your provider name.
How do I add my tagline?
During step 2 you will see a text box labeled, Tagline. Here you can enter your text.
2. Tagline
This is where you can display an eye catching tagline to your page. You're limited to 40 characters or less, so let your creativity flow.
3. Video Authenticated
Stand out from others with a video of yourself. This is a quick 30 second video that lets you show clients that you're really YOU.
How do I add a video to my ad?
There are a two ways to have a video on your ad. First, you can visit the offices of Cityvibe and we’ll shoot a video for you at no charge. Second, you can schedule a time (local to LA) and our own production team will come to you and shoot at no charge.
4. Website Links
This is where you can add a link to your personal website. These links will help give the client a better idea of who you are.
How do I add a link to my website?
While creating your post, there will be a text box labeled Website. Copy and paste your link to your website there.
5. Ad Text (About Me)
Here is where you can let the clients know who you are, what you provide and what you're looking for. Let your personality shine through!
How do I add text to my ad?
During step 2 you will see 4 text box areas next to 4 image areas. Here you will want to place your text into the white text box areas. Make sure to place text into as many boxes as photos that you wish to use.
6. Photo Gallery
Here you can upload up to 4 hi-res images of yourself to help give clients a better understanding of what you look like. Any expliciit photos will be removed.
How do I add photos to my ad?
Click on the button to upload your image and you will be prompted to find your image to upload. Repeat this for each photo you would like to use. (up to 4 photos)
How do I add a profile photo to my ad?
Under Post Profile Image / Thumbnail, click on the button to upload your image and you will be prompted to find your image to upload.
Thumbnails can only have 1 provider’s image and cannot include a phone # in the name field. Thumbnails may also not have any text on the images. Advertisers whom consistently need reminders about this could risk having access to their account.
7. Map
Here you can set your location for the clients to see on a map. You don't have to use your exact location, just two nearby cross streets.
How do I add an map to my ad?
During step 2, you will see a section called Cityvibe Maps. Type in the nearest cross streets and zip code to your location. (You don't have to use exact to your location, nearby works as well)
8. Recent Posts
This is a visable archive of your recent posts on cityvibe.com.
How do I add recent posts to my post?
Your recent posts will show up on your posts automatically after creating more than one post.
Note: map is for display purposes only. This is not the true location of example provider shown above.
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VIP Explained
How can I be a VIP?
(Some cities may not apply)
To be VIP provider in the VIP section of Cityvibe.com, you must have high quality, verifiable photos.
What are the benefits of a VIP ad?
(applicable in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas)
You will be placed in the VIP Escorts category section of the city, which is the first category that appears at the top of the left hand side of the homepage.
How can I edit my VIP ad?
You may edit your VIP listing simply by editing your premium ad. to do this, see Posts Explained above under How do I Change my Photos?
How long does it stay up for?
Your VIP ad will appear for the duration of your cityvibe premium, or banner ad. Each time you renew, you will be listed in the VIP category.
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Available Now Explained
I'm a provider. How do I set my ad to available now?
You are able to set this two different ways.
One is through your account by clicking the I'm Available Now button next to your ad. Select your service type . You can either continue on or there are additional options such as adding a message and/or your location.
The second way to set the Available Now is by Text Available Now. You can add your number you text from by editing your ad and look for Add Mobile Online Now. You would text a message you want to show on your ad to 310-774-6185. The text post can take 5 minutes or so to update. Your ad will appear as available now for 2 hours minutes, and you can utilize this feature as often as you wish.
How do I view providers available now?
Providers who are available now appear in multiple places. You can:
Go to www.cityvibe.com and click on the Available Now link. Each state is listed in alphabetical order, as are the cities in each state.
On the Cityvibe homepage, type your city in search for a city. Click on the city in which you would like to view the providers available now. The available now ads appear with a light blue round icon and time. They also appear under Escorts Available now.
At the top of EVERY city homepage, your will see Available Now, with a number in parentheses. Click on this, and you will see each provider in each city that is available now.
Under the Available Now, you will see the city you are in, as well as the state. Each has a number in parentheses next to it. you can click on either to see whom is set as available now in your respective city or state.
At the bottom of each category, you will see a map. The providers that are Available Now have a thumbnail outlined in Blue.
Lastly, you can filter only to show available now listings by selecting the appropriate filter on the city homepage and clicking the button, Apply. Only listings that are available now will show in the post list below.
Where does my ad appear when I set available now?
When you set your ad as available now, your ad appears in multiple places.
Your thumbnail will scroll across the top of the cityvibe.com homepage (this is generated randomly and does not always appear here. the more you utilize the available now feature, the more often you will appear scrolling).
You will appear in an international list sorted alphabetically by country, state and city (the United States appears first), which you can access by clicking See all Available Now Listings at the top of the Cityvibe.com homepage, as well as the top of EVERY city on the site!
You will appear under your city's Escorts Available now scroll at the top of each category (Escorts, Bodyrubs, BDSM, Adult Jobs, Strip Clubs / Strippers, Massage Parlours, and TS/TV).
You will appear in a list you will find listed at top of your city's homepage which you can see by clicking on your city name at the top of your city's homepage in blue. You will also see your state outlined in Blue, and you will notice your thumbnail there, as well.
Your thumbnail will be outlined in blue on the map at the bottom of your city's homepage (if you have your map location outlined).
You will appear at the very top of the mobile site under available now.
Premium ads available now will appear at the top of the list on the mobile site under premium listings
How long does it take to show up as available now?
It will take about 5-10 minutes for your ad to show up as available now on the site.
Why don't I always appear scrolling across the top of the Cityvibe.com homepage?
This is because the scroll is randomly generated amongst all the premium ads that are set as available now. The more often you utilize this free feature, the more often you will appear in the scroll for international exposure.
Why should I set myself available now?
You should set this as often as possible because:
You will appear on multiple areas of the site in which, otherwise, you would not have any presence.
This lets your clients know that you are available to work (or that you will be at a specific time).
This is a great way for you to gain more than 3 times the traffic at no additional cost.
How long does the available now last on your site?
Your ad will appear as available now for 2 hours
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Priority Top Placement Explained
What are priority top placement?
Priority Top Placement give you prime exposure on our site within your city of posting. You will be seen first by anyone viewing the site from any device.
How can I have a priority top placement?
In order to have a Priority Top Placement, you must have an active Post or Premium Post on our site. You can upgrade in two ways:
  1. While creating your Post, before you select to continue, you will see the option to add Priority Top Placement to your account. Select this option and choose either 1 week or 1 month.
  2. If you did not select the option during your post creation or you already have a post live on the site and would like to upgrade, you can call 1-800-573-8423 to speak to a live rep who will assist you in adding the Priority Top Placement to your account.
Where will this show on the site?
When a visitor uses cityvibe.com from their any device, you will be one of the first to be seen before all other posts in the city you chose to be Priority Top Placement. This will last for either 1 week or 1 month depending on the length you selected.
Why should I upgrade?
To Gain extreme exposure on our mobile site when you are one of the first top placement advertisers to show in your city.
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Videos Explained
How much does it cost to upload a video?
Nothing. Videos are absolutely free to upload.
What type of videos do you accept?
The best type of video to submit is just of yourself giving a quick 30 second or less hello to the clients. Showcase your ad in a way pictures and simple text cannot.
Selfies are great! Just take a selfie video from your mobile phone, say hello and upload via our mobile site!
Webcams. Just set up your web cam, record a short video and upload. It's that easy!
Keep it short and sweet. Make the client want to see more!
A medium to close up shot with a pan is best. This is typically shot from the waist up and then panning down to your feet and back up to end your video with you smiling!
Have fun with it!
We CANNOT accept any nudity or explicit videos.
How long does it take for the video to show live on the site?
Please allow up to 24 hours for your video to show.
How do I add a video to my post?
Via desktop
Log into your cityvibe account. Click Create a New Post. After filling out your post information, you will see a section called Videos. There you can click to choose a video from your computer. Find your video and click ok. The upload may take a few minutes, some longer than others, depending on the size of your video. Once the video is finished uploading you will see the video field showing the video name. You can now go a head and click preview/continue and finish with your post.
Via Mobile
Log into your mobile cityvibe account. Click on Create a New Post. After filling out your post information, you will see an option to choose videos directly from your phone and upload them or you will see the option to text/email your video in if your phone cannot directly upload from your videos. Once your video is uploaded or you have selected YES, hit preview/continue to finish posting.
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Banners Explained
Where do the banners appear on the site?
A front page banner appears at the very top of your city homepage, the top of EVERY escort post, and the top of EVERY premium ad in your city.
What types of banners do you offer?
We offer city front page banners and nation-wide banners. For nation-wide banners please call: 1-800-573-8423.
How much are the banners?
Each city’s pricing differs. To see prices in your city, simply go to your dashboard and select, My Banners. Click on Create Banner and select your city. The price for the banner will be displayed based on the length you choose.
Will you create one for me?
Yes, we will create a banner for nation-wide advertisers only.
Can my banner flash between two pictures?
No. We do not allow animated banners to appear on the site.
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Cityvibe Mobile Explained
How do I post on my phone?
Creating a post and managing your account via mobile is exactly the same as our desktop site. The formatting is set to fit to a mobile device, but all of the features and options are there.
To get to your menu in mycityvibe, simply click on the menu button in the top right of the screen. (3 horizontal lines)
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