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i Im a 6'2 goddess whose currently looking for a new pay piggy, a man who knows where his postion is and thats at my feet, and worshiping the ground that i walk on. after all i am a goddess now arent i?
im not a fake or a flake so if thats you then carry on about your day away from me. Find ur place else where because i don't want you any where around me. .
You work to spoil me, you work so i can live how i deserve to. Trust your goddess knows whats best for you. i dont NEED your money iWANT it, theres a difference. So you want my attention, how bad? Well then show me!
Do not dare even think about opening your mouth rule  number one is you are here to serve me, to make me happy, not the other way around. send me my tribute. and i will reward how i see fit.
see so long as im happy, ill reward. so why should i give you my attention, you worthless pathetic loser! Show me why you deserve to have my attention well above all the others trying for it as well. dont ask me how much to tribute, you should already know how much. i know you are lost without my guidence in order to be mine you must prove yourself with cash, obedience and patience. Simple really so dont make it harder then it needs to be.
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Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 230 lbs
Chest size: 38
Cup size: C
Waist size: 36
Hip size: 36
Age: 30

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