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Surreally Yours -- Centerfold Heather Barron

You'll see me in the January, 2012 issue of Hustler Magazine.

This issue is on newsstands already.

I am currently in: Las Vegas

Welcome! I am a centerfold and entertainer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love Las Vegas because of the warm weather and because everyone is so open minded and relaxed. Vegas is a spirited city and a lot less tightened up than other cities.

I was born and raised in small town in upstate New York state and attended catholic school and a catholic college that is well known for its basketball.

My professional background is investment banking. I worked in that industry in Manhattan and Boston for near a decade and then hauled ass and drove 3000 miles to Los Angeles to make it in the adult biz.

In a short time, I appeared on many radio and tv shows from Alan Colmes to Comedyworld to the BBC to Drew & Mike rock radio Detroit.

I have appeared in men's magazines (Juggs and Big Butt) and performed at Scores Gentleman's Club in Vegas.

I have entertained wonderful men and women from all over the globe.

In Vegas, I am known as the entertainer men fly in from all over the world to meet...from New Zealand, Ireland, England, Dubai....and of course all over the US of A.

I am a natural redhead. My roots are Irish, Polish and Lithuanian. I hope to take a trip to Ireland and Poland one day. I have traveled cross country many times but have only been to England and Paris when I was a teenager. Other places I would like to visit include Chengdu, Dubai, Italy, New Zealand, Morocco, Egypt and Costa Rica.

I am an expressive, passionate, affectionate, warm and cuddly lady. Like most natural redheads, I can be a little sassy sometimes but that probably comes from being a fire sign. I am fire in all regards -- playful and love to make people laugh and smile.

These are my latest photos. I have shot thousands of photos in my 10 years as a model.

I have really been into costumes lately and love roleplay and dirty talk. I encourage you to let loose and have fun! If you want me to wear something for you that I may have, feel free to tell me what you would like me to wear. I have tons of neat outfits I like to lingerie, thigh high hose, heels, ty stripperwear, tight and spandexy, silky and sheer things, roleplay outfits, business suits and of course, all those costumes from sexy schoolgirl to police girl to nurse, to you name it!

As far as classy attire goes, my favorite classic designers are Ungaro and Diane Von Furstenburg. My newest favorite is Herve Leger whose dresses are form fitting and look great on ladies with hips and curves.

For shoes, I like all types, especially Ferragamo which are both classy and comfortable. For ty/sexy shoes, I like Dollhouse bigtime! And clear heeled stripper shoes...the only thing better is my hands on a hot stripper wearing them. :o)

This just gives you some idea of my style. While I wear a lot of sexy outfits in private and on my web site, I always dress elegant and understated in public, when I'm out to dinner or at a show or event. At Scores, we always wore an evening dress or gown and a g string underneath.

For my off time, you'll find me in a pair of jeans, t shirt (tight of course :).

I look forward to making all your dreams come true.



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