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Los Angeles Escorts Posts and Premium Ads for Escorts in Los Angeles


Use your location to find escorts near you:

Available Now Icon Available Now (103)

Saturday, April 18th
I'm Amy,a Sexy and Beautiful asian girl. Slim and with a pleasant attitude. I'll leave you yearning for more. Sweet Ei-Ei : Ei-Ei PRETTY Asian Girl with with solf touch.(34C,23,34) She will make you feel pampered,relax...
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Hey boys! I'm available in WEST COVINA at my upscale private FEEL THE TOTAL LATINA and Asian RELAXATION You'll never go wrong with me. I'm a total doll & ...
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Available Now  11:01 am
Hi I'm Shelly, 24 yrs old with a sexy hot body of 34C-24-34 , 5'2", 98 lbs. I'm looking for respectful gentlemen to have some erotic fun. I'm a sexy and naughty Asian playmate that you can't miss. My perfect body an...
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Hello Gentlemen, my name is Allie. Thank you for taking a moment to view my ad. I am an exquisite companion with a beauty that radiates from the inside out. W...
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Available Now  10:57 am
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Hey gentleman running around crazy?.. Finally have some time to yourself at least for a little while? . Call me over I'd love to be your ultimate relaxtion. Sto...
Available Now Icon
Available Now  10:51 am
Hi Guys, Come Visit us Today!!! A FIVE STAR LUXURIOUS SPA & SERVICE ( NURU STYLE ) HOT BODY TO BODY SLIDING ~ Clean, cozy private room ~ Soft music, relaxing environment, luxurious treat~ Friendl...
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bodyrubs / FBSM
HI! I know your tired of fakes and unsatisfied service .. Let us take care of all your fetishes and desires we promise there's no rushed sessions or games we are strictly confidential and safe. Upscale,Independent and pr...
OUTCALL ONLY - Los Angeles & Orange County Upscale Escort - OUTCALL ONLY Hey handsome ;) im Jessica, im 5'4 feet, 105 pounds, i have soft olive colored skin and lips to live for. . Im 100% independent, drama free, p...
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Friday, April 17th
GFE...PSE-800 INCALL/1k OUTCALL --NO HALF HOURS---NO DISCOUNTS--- Hello,my name is Camilla. Welcome to My World, a Sexy and Sensual Courtesan . An Indulgent Escape of Exhilarating Intensity. Thank you so much for visiti...
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m Sera Elizabeth, Petite, 5'3", 100lbs, with Long Dark Brown Hair & Exotic Features. I am Avaliable for Incalls to Studio City as well as Outcalls to all areas Pre-Booked as well as Short Notice Appointments A...
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VIP TANTRA MASSAGE Your well deserved massage pleasure & what better way than to work out those busy stressful work days and ease your mind than a massage? Encouraging you to treat yourself with the gift of touch of...
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bodyrubs / FBSM
Discreet to the core, I make an elegant entrance and quiet departure.I would like to mention that your passion is my pleasure... i maintain my lean, toned physique and beautifully sculpted abs through a dedicated workout...
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I am a salacious Southern Belle, accent and all. If you want to be taken care of in a way only a real Southern Belle can take care of you, then we need to spend some time together. We will take our time and not rush so t...
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If you looking for the ultimate sexy classy, well traveled educated, witty vixen, than your search is ending here. From Eastern Europe, fun and easy to be around, will make you feel comfortable and eased. Good conversati...
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Sindy Lips! AKA CindyLips! Without the hassles of traditional relationships, She's Whip-smart, and wickedly sexy!! Exclusivity & discretion... Giving you the freedom to explore, relax, decompress and enjoy your g...
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For your pleasure (Westchester)
Available for your pleasure, good with groups and can be the party favor. If you know me already a special discount is available.
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Allow me to be a breath of fresh air and take your mind off of life's daily stresses. I am a seductive yet sophisticated Irish, Red beauty...ready to fulfill your every fantasy. Whether you are in need of intelligent con...
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TER ID: 264995 "Call about my Incall Special" Hello Gentlemen, I am Sophia Rose, your West Hollywood courtesan extraordinaire, and I am here to redefine what it means to be your girlfriend. I provide discreet...
Reviewed IconMap Icon
Hi! Thanks for checking out my ad! My name is Nikki and I am a fun, upbeat, outgoing, peaceful & positive-minded young lady. I am petite, athletic, 5'4 and approx. 105 lbs! I am a certified Reiki Master Healer that ...
Reviewed IconMap Icon
bodyrubs / FBSM
GENTLEMAN Couples,Friends Anh i,LETGOspontaneousBWild, Rejuvenatee,ExploringNEWExperience,Tantra,DOM,QUICK office.FREEWAYSAirport boatsTravel420SugarDADDY? NothingLESS+100.00 RatesVarys DifferentNeeds&assistance OVER...
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Mention City Vibe 2 Book fast text time u would like to come to my apt .Im a fun extremely open minded girl.Enjoy my Smooth skin natural 36 Perky DDBoobs.Luv my b2b sensual mutual touch nude massage Mention Strip show Co...
NO PRE-BOOKING !!!!! My picture is 100% real!! ME OR IM FREE! let everyone know I do not mind traveling so if your not in my immediate area don't worry we can still work something out. I am down for whatever puts a smil...
I am Eastern European bright, blonde 23 years old,standing a striking 5'9'' with perfect measurements of 36D-25-36. My well-bred genes have favored me with a smooth complexion, soft skin, long shapely legs, naturally bea...
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I'm Jessicavipgfe and I'm a petite blond model and upscale VIP elite companion for the discerning and elite gentlemen. I'm a high-class VIP companion for ONLY...
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Available Now  10:19 am
Reviewed IconMap Icon
I'm Lea, 28 years old, Amazing brunette who wanna do the best for your pleasure... Good educated, New in LA. I'm open-minded, curious and i like everything... Very carefully, sexy and sensual i like to give all my atte...


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Los Angeles Destination Guide

Find high class Los Angeles escorts on Cityvibe.com

Los Angeles has one of the best selection of nightlife activities. Ranging from high class restaurants to laid back lounges, there’s something to do for everyone no matter what you’re preference. Los Angeles also has a great sports selection. From two different basketball teams to the two time Stanley Cup Champions, Los Angeles has a team for every spots fan.

Los Angeles is one of the fashion capitals of the world. That being said, hiring a Los Angeles escort can help bring that youthful and fashionable quality when going to your event. Escorts love to travel and explore LA. So whether you’re going to dinner, nightclub or just a bar while you’re in Los Angeles, there’s an escort available to make sure you’re never alone and never have a dull moment.


Los Angeles Night life and Entertainment

The Magic Castle

One of the most exclusive destination spots in Los Angeles, the Magic Castle showcases many expert magicians’ talents in an intimate and up-close environment. Based in an old turn of the century mansion, the decor accents the architecture and age appropriately. The Magic Castle is invite only and has a strict dress code, which makes it a great location to surprise a date with. Most reviewers rate it as a once in a lifetime opportunity, which is why it’s at the top of our list.


Staples Center

Built in 1999, Staples Center quickly became one of Los Angeles’ premier venues for sports and concerts alike. Hosting everyone from Madonna to Kobe to Disney on Ice, Staples Center always has some sort of event going on for anyone’s tastes. Start your night off by going across the street to L.A. Live. Here you have your choice of eateries. From American food to Japanese, you can find it at L.A. Live. Staples Center is right across the street, so you don’t have to worry about getting to the venue after you stop and eat. There is also a Metro station right across the street from Staples Center for those that don’t enjoy driving downtown or want to avoid high parking rates.



Looking for something with a more upbeat tempo? Avalon is your place. Located directly across from the Capitol Records building, many locals and visitors a lot make Avalon their final destination for the night. Avalon has an every changing line up, which makes it easy to see your favorite DJ’s in a familiar venue. Friday nights tend to attract a younger crowed as the venue hosts an 18+ night. However, if you’re looking for a more exclusive night, Saturdays are the way to go. At 21+, these nights are a little less wild and more sophisticated than the previous nights. Visit the venues multiple rooms and even have visit the balcony for a unique view of the area.



Are you tired of the weak girl-to-guy ratio? Want a venue that packs the dance floor? Then look to Playhouse. The venue is catered to females and whenever a girl goes out, she tends to bring her friends with her. This makes it one of the best venues for a girl’s night out! On the other side of the coin, if you’re a guy looking to surround yourself with a dance floor of energetic women singing and dancing along to the music, then this is your place. Located in the heart of Hollywood, you can either drive here or take a Metro line if you’re planning to party hard.



Bars / Date Spots

The Edison

108 W 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone number (213) 613-0000

Take a step back in time to the days when silent movies and flapper girls were the way of life.  That’s exactly what The Edison does the moment you walk through their door.  Immediately you’re ushered to a two story spiraling staircase leading downstairs to a below ground experience.  From the flapper dresses and suits being worn (Not required, but guys cannot be sloppy), to the steampunk décor, this once factory for Edison, indulges you and takes you on a time travel back in time.  A great place for a group or a date.  Just don’t forget to walk around the entire place to truly get the experience.


The Varnish

118 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone number (213) 622-9999

Remember the movie Swingers? "For some reason, cool bars in L.A. have to be very hard to find and have no signs out front.” Welcome to The Varnish, if you can find it.  A speakeasy that truly has the essence of one and not just another bar with an interior that represents one.  You’ll need to find your way to the back of the main bar establishment, Coles. Choose the correct door and enter into a speakeasy done right.   Wooden booths and dapper bartenders. The employees here are dressed the part and it’s a great spot to bring a date. 



448 S Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone number (213) 802-1770

Recommend, recommend, recommend. If you want to impress a date or just check out a really cool spot for dinner and drinks, Perch is an absolute must.  This downtown location takes you up 13 floors to landing where you switch elevators for another few floors up.  Arrive at the main level where you’ll find inside and outside dining overlooking the city of angels.  One main bar supplies this downstairs, but the main attraction is awaiting two more flights up.  Take the stairway (only way up) to the rooftop of this amazing place and soak in the fresh air of the night while you overlook all of Los Angeles.   This place usually has a jazz band playing for the earlier part of the night.  Music, views and a bit of history makes this place a definite must try.



11720 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Phone Number (818) 762-1833

Over the hill and to the valley we go for this next place.  Firefly, in Studio City, provides a dimly lit bar and lounge for dates and friends to share a few cocktails. Try the infused vodkas, they’re always different and always tasty.  If you’re hungry or want a late snack, there is an entire outdoor, yet covered area for dining.  Surrounded by a library style lounge, you can sit, relax and read a book.  I recommend leaving the books where they are and concentrating on your date.  It’s discreet, good crowd, and a stones throw away from a few other bars along Ventura Blvd. 


Pearls Liquor Bar

8909 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 360-6800 

Located on the famous Sunset Strip, Pearls is a new addition that brings an old school feel mixed with a cigar lounge style.  You first walk into a lounge area, dark, woody and leathery.  Don’t stop there, continue to the back and head upstairs.  First stop, a tiny indoor patio with astro turf, a table and a swing.  Head up to the next level and you’ll find bar table seating overlooking the Sunset Strip.  The upstairs bar is tucked in the back, just watch your step with the many little level changes.  Start or end your night here, you’ll be just fine.