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New to Reno, Not the scene~

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Why pay an escort when you can see a sugar model for free.

Think of me as a professional who was once at the top of her game, though who's flame has slightly dimmed after committing the ultimate faux pas; I fell in love with someone thru the industry and got out, only to find myself in a three year long, neglectful relationship. I still have a unique edge, it just needs some re-forging.

You want discretion, you got it; all I ask for in return are but 3 simple things, Personality, Patience and Respect, and what that means, is, please don't bring up the subject of Kink until after at least the third sentence into our initial conversation. A simple hello accompanied by an introduction will do; I promise there'll be plenty of naughtiness once we meet-

As stated in the title, I am new to Reno, not the scene, so I know how to make an interesting and entertaining experience. I have a knack for changing things up, and had you met me prior to my going into hiatus, I likely would've made you play me in chess prior to any Hanky-Panky, but alas, my chessboard was lost in translation, but I can assure you, I shall be getting a new one~

As always, nothing with me is ever rushed, timed or counted; forget not that I'm in this for myself, just as much as you're in it for yourself. I don't sell ; I sell experience; I just need to get back on track after such a long distance move all the way from the East Coast, at last fulfilling my lifelong dream to watch the Weather Channel, only to realize that the ocean is now on the wrong side of the map!

I'm usually available 24-7, so don't hesitate to call me anytime, for any reason. I obviously have a lot to say, but that's not to say, that I don't know when to also shut the hell up and do as I'm told~


Calls and E-mails preferred,
Txts are ok as well, just keep it clean, please-

I even decided to try something different this time 'round, by creating a short Video Introduction on my private YouTube channel, to give you a real-time peek into who I am and where I've been.

Otherwise, my FB page has the best of the best of my countless modeling picutes; happy viewing!

YouTube introduction vid