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Salt Lake City Escorts Darling Nikki

 Darling Nikki Salt Lake City Escorts Default Image
Darling Nikki

Looking For a True GFE? New Year New Nikki!

It's a New Year so I decided to welcome it with a bang. Some of you may have tried to contact me and due to circumstances I got behind, but in this New Year I will be responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I'm sure there is a lot of questions .Where have I been? Did I retire? I have been busy with school and nope I didn't retire just been busy .I would like to believe I am one of the best escorts Salt Lake has to offer, I do care about who I see and who I spend time with. I have the same fears you guys have! I want your experience to be meaningful and fulfilling for both of us... I understand that in this economy I am asking more than the average girl but that's what I feel I am worth. I understand that if it is too much to spend. If you don't enjoy talking and getting to know someone than I am probably not the girl to see if you are on a tight schedule I am flexible but like to take my time. I provide my website which is chock full of useful info. And always provide links to my reviews on TER. I pride myself that most of them are a good representation of who I am. I also understand that my pictures are different but they are all me and an accurate representation of who I am and what I look like. If you are looking for a girl who won't rush you and takes her time and won't upsell my rate than those are the reasons to call me. I offer a mini date if that's the proper way to put it. I hope that I get to make some new friends and get reacquainted with some old. I am back to Brunette and would ask that you can give me at least Two Hours' Notice so that I am available to verify you. Please Provide 2 REFERANCES or some way to verify you Date Check and P411 are resources I use. I do not offer half hour services!
Darling Nikki
TER 66203
My Rate is 350 for incall and 400 for outcall if you need longer time with me email me for details

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Recent Posts By Darling Nikki

Tuesday, February 10th
I am being accused on the board of AHB and to some of my friends that I am snitch.... It all started with the outing of a provider that I had nothing to do with. Well now there is gossip around Utah about my loyalty, cha...