WHY I prefere mature men

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Over the years I noticed something older men READ and they research before calling...I love the fact they are so prepared from the very start they know all the facts before calling or sending an e-mail and they take the time to let you know about them and that makes a huge difference then sending a text {when your ad states no texting please all over it{ that reads R U AVAIL? or someting like HELLO THERE or equally lame those I do not even respond to I just hit delete ...and that happens all day every day it is such a treat to meet men that use their time and energy to get it right ...It is interesting I can tell from the first call the very first sentence if they are too young and they have NO idea how to speak my first question is how old are you ? And sure enough it gives me a reason to end the call quickly or if they have not even read my ad and have no idea of my rates or I love my experienced mature lovers they are few and far between but at this point One of them is worth a dozen of the timewasters now I will say this some younger men do get it right from the start but that is rare these days ...ok I said it got it off my chest hope it clears the air and my phone will not be active with silly enquiries just men who are informed real men with manners and might I add wonderful lovers . Victoria